Goal #1 Reached!

Thanks to the efforts of some special people at BPCON, we’ve reached our fundraising goal for house #1! We can’t thank Tarl Yarber and J Scott enough—they co-MC’d it and flat-out nailed it. Nate Robbins and Carol Scott and Matt Faircloth were awesome crowd-runners and it was an incredible half hour. Also special thanks to …

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We’re half-way home…

The donations have been slowly rolling in and we are past the half-way point for house #1 (Memphis, TN). Thank you to all donors for your generous support! We’re going to get there. It’s time to start the process of identifying the first hero recipient. Stay tuned!

Step 8… official 501(c)(3) status

It’s official! A Hero’s Home, Inc. is an approved 501(c)(3) organization. The effective date of that determination is March 30, 2018. Donors can deduct their contributions… we are really rolling now!

Step 7… obtaining tax-exempt status

The paperwork has been filed and A Hero’s Home, Inc. should be within 90 days of obtaining tax-exempt status… which would allow all of these generous initial donations to be fully tax-deductible. Special thanks to Brandon Hall, CPA, for his hard work in preparing the filing!

Step 6… identifying the hero

Now that this thing is rolling it’s definitely time to talk about the process for determining which hero will be the recipient of the free-and-clear Memphis, TN home. We’re now teaming up with some local veterans groups to help in this process.