Welcome Home.

In 2018, a group of real estate investing colleagues began collaborating on a project based on a simple idea:

“Every veteran has earned and deserves a safe place to call home.” 

As board member Brian Burke shared, “In my former life before going full time into real estate investing, I worked in law enforcement and as a firefighter/EMT and my wife is a nurse at our local trauma center—so this cause is near and dear to me.

“When Jay [Board Chair Jay Hinrichs] came to me with this idea, I was onboard in less than two seconds.”

Together with Chris Clothier from REI Nation, Brandon Hall, CPA, and attorney Tom Gimer, Brian and Jay fundraised with a goal of $125,000 that would be utilized to purchase a home for a veteran—and their family—in need. Through the generosity of their professional networks, they raised over $180,000, and have successfully purchased a single-family residence in Memphis, Tennessee.


A Hero’s Home would not be possible without the Bigger Pockets investing platform, through which this group met and garnered support under a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Special thanks also belongs to REI Nation, responsible for acquiring, renovating, and facilitating inspection of the Memphis residence that will be gifted.

The recipient of this gift will be chosen in partnership with Operation Homefront, whose mission is to build strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive — not simply struggle to get by — in the communities they have worked so hard to protect. Through this partnership, the chosen veteran will receive educational assistance before, during, and after the process of transferring homeownership.

A Hero’s Home hopes to encourage more such investors to consider replicating this model across the country by giving back to the many deserving heroes who deserve a place to call home.